Who We Help

Who We Help

From A to Z and everything in between

ADHD? Should your child be diagnosed? What are my options? Where should I go for treatment?
Birth Control? What options are available here in Israel? What method should I use?
CMV? Should I be tested? The doctor says I should have an abortion. I don’t know what to do!
Diabetes? What does having diabetes during my pregnancy mean? Where do I find out what I should be eating? Will my baby be ok? What will happen during the labor?
National Health Insurance? Bituach Leumi? I want to bring my parents over to Israel? What do I do? How do I start?
Surgery? The doctor says I should have this surgery. Should I? What are my choices? Where should I go?
Zuska’s Disease? Hey, it was new for us too, but we’ll help you figure out who treats it, where to go and how to manage it in the future.

For example:
Sandy S. made aliyah in August of 2010. She spent 9 months looking for an orthopedist to help her with her bad knee, another six months locating a decent cardiologist to treat her husband’s high blood pressure, and another eight months to figure out how to get an appointment with the private gynecologist that she’d heard about. She was starting to wonder if living in Israel was worth all this hassle.

Sound familiar? The consultants at Health Advize helped Sandy figure out how to find the right doctors, and whether or not it was right for her to make an appointment with the private gynecologist.

Malka R. made aliyah in the summer of 2009. She was four months pregnant. After weeks of searching for the right obstetrician, struggling to understand which tests were covered by her insurance and which weren’t, and listening to different advice from each of her neighbors as to which ultrasounds were necessary, Malka was exhausted.

The consultants at Health Advize helped Malka understand the various tests that were covered and not covered under  the national health insurance, and helped her make the decisions about which tests she wanted to receive.
Malka no longer needed to rely on her neighbors for advice.

Brenda R. was about to get married and was considering waiting before she tried to get pregnant. However, she was unsure about her options, and was nervous about the side effects of different birth control options.
The consultants at Health Advize helped Brenda understand all of her options according to her needs and wishes and then put together a plan that felt right to her.