What you need to do when applying for disability with Bituach Leumi: Actual Steps

  1. You can start applying a full year after you make aliyah (and you’ve been in the country at least 181 days). There are a couple of exceptions but that’s another article :).
  2. You need to be over 18 and under retirement age (currently 62 for a woman and 67 for a man)
  3. If you are applying for a child who’s under 18, that is a different form., and a different blog post.
  4. You need to have a specialist(s) from Israel provide you with an in-depth summary of your illness/diagnosis, current functioning, medicines taken and how the illness affects your daily functioning and your ability to work.
  5. You need to have a specialist’s summary of visit (siyum bikur) for each distinct diagnosis/issue you suffer from.
  6. Doctors’ letters from your home country are NOT sufficient.
  7. You can access/complete/submit the form online through this link (form is in Hebrew).
  8. Make sure you have your actual teudat zeut handy because you will need to put in the date of issue.
  9. You should upload discharge summaries from any hospitalization you have had within the past year.
  10. You should upload any diagnostic summaries of imaging tests you’ve had in the last year (MRI/endoscopy/CT etc..)
  11. Don’t forget to attach the signed waiver of medical confidentiality form.

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