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diane face
HealthAdvize helps me with everything from medical to changing address to bituach leumi to arnona discounts. Aviva is always there for me.
Diane S.
retiree living in Jerusalem
bride face
“Aviva has truly helped calm my nerves during my first few months of marriage. I felt comfortable emailing her with anything I was confused about. Before I got married I had no idea remotely how to use birth control and got much clearer answers from her than from any doctor I visited. When I first got married I had so many questions that I didn’t even know where to turn for answers. It was so simple to contact Aviva and get such clear and straightforward answers. It is so special knowing she is there as a resource.”
27 year-old new bride
“I have consulted with and received advice from Aviva on various health-related issues. She has such a wide range of knowledge to eagerly share with you!”
Cheryl D.
28 year-old photo editor and veterinary assistant
middle aged man
We strongly recommend Health Advize. We used their extensive professional knowledge in a number of different medical cases. They directed us to the proper professional; the consultant was highly available, answered kindly and patiently and helped us find the most appropriate medical solution. In our most recent situation, where doctors struggled to diagnose the illness of our 4 year old (a burst appendix) , Aviva [the consultant] was a source of support, advice and guidance, which it helped us a lot and gave us confidence to make the right decisions.
Engineer and father of four
gabriel face
What Aviva has done to get me bituach leumi support is truly a miracle! Finally I have some income to cover my care. Well worth the reasonable fees.
Gabriel M.
Retired Doctor
peter picture
Aviva helped me with arranging critical medical appointments and also with submitting a claim for disability status. Aviva responds rapidly to queries, works highly effectively, and is also kind and helpful. She is very knowledgeable in the issues around healthcare and disability.
Peter P.
retired psychiatric nurse
picture of gobers
You are the best at what you do. We are forever grateful for your help. You are making the aliyah transition so much easier and smoother for us.
lens dog
I met Aviva by chance. I thank God every day that I did. Any person with a disability, a chronic illness, mobility issues or needs help at home should have her contact info. She reaches parts of bureaucracy that others cannot.
Len H.
British expat
another run picture
I am grateful for Aviva for helping my daughter and me during a difficult time.
Valerie Seidner
older couple
We think Aviva is a terrific hand holder. Just what we need when dealing with the bureaucratic system.
Helen W.
Retiree, Jerusalem
rachel g
Aviva, with warmth and compassion, has guided me through insurance questions, health issues and helped me find specialists for both myself and my children.
Rachel G.
Mother of three
dog for sharon
Thank you so much for your warmth and your calm. We couldn't have done it without you!
Sharon A.
older woman
Aviva is smart and compassionate. She understands the needs of those with health issues and can navigate the healthcare system swiftly to get the best possible outcome. She has become a trusted part of our team!
We were very pleased with your service and the care you brought. I hope that you know how much Gershon and I appreciated having you in our corner. I cannot imagine doing it without you.
young woman student
Aviva is extremely dedicated and committed to results. My favorite part of working with her was knowing that no matter what came up, she would take care of it. Israeli beaurocracy can be so unpredictable, having someone taking care of the process is exactly what i needed
premed student, Jerusalem

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