Resources: Psychology

Private Therapist

The following resources are available to locate a privately paid therapist.  Fees may range from 300 ILS-1200 ILS.  Health Advize takes no responsibility over the quality /service of listed therapists.

 For a listing of current therapists/psychologists/psychiatrists in Israel:

Seeking Treatment Through A Contracted Provider or a mental health center

Overview of Mental Health Care system in Israel

Israel’s mental healthcare system went through changes in 2015, when the responsibility of the system moved from the Ministry of Health to the auspices of the four Health Service Organizations or kupot.

Guaranteed through the basic government healthcare are the following mental health care needs:

voluntary and involuntary psychiatric hospitalizations, rehab facilities, adolescent dormitories, psychiatric appointments, mental health clinic intake and subsequent therapy appointments.  Cost  = Free [with tofes 17 (hitchayvut)]:

Individual subsidized sessions with a recognized provider, as listed on the website of the kupah.

Current lists of subsidized providers for each kupah who say they treat in English


Mental Health Clinic: These are freestanding or actual kupah clinics that are now all under the auspices of one of the kupot.  These clinics are often for those people who were just discharged from the hospital, or need more intense assistance and/or will be eligible to apply for sal shikum.  They usually offer an intake session, regular meetings with a psychiatrist, a therapist, and a social worker. Often group therapy or other types of therapy are offered as well. Payment is on a quarterly basis and is either ~35 ILS or the current cost of the hitchayvut (tofes 17).

Subsidized provider: Each kupah sub-contracts with a list of licensed professionals whom offer individual or group psychological counseling.   It is important to note:

  • This list is predetermined because the provider must have a contract with the specific kupah.  You will not get reimbursed retroactively if you saw someone not on the list.
  • You must choose the provider from a list of providers, more on that soon, and contact that person, on your own.  By calling them.  And leaving messages. And calling them again. And moving on to the next possibility when that provider tells you they are full.
  • All kupot must charge the same thing: 62 ILS for the intake appointment and 151 ILS for each subsequent appointment to be paid to the provider.
  • You do not need a referral from anyone to make an appointment with these providers.

Psychologists have an advanced degree, usually a PhD, in the study of the mind, emotions, and behavior and employ a variety of therapeutic techniques to help patients heal and improve their mental health, including CBT, DBT, psychotherapy, talk therapy, among others.

Psychiatrists have a medical degree (MD) and have attended a residency (specialization) in psychiatry, focusing on diagnosing and treating mental health disorders. They also understand how biology factors into a person’s mental health and how to treat mental illness with medication.  They are the practitioners who can prescribe psychiatric medications.