Our Staff

headshot of Aviva

Aviva Yoselis, MPH, BCPA

Aviva moved to Israel almost 30 years ago, after beginning her career in public health in North Philadelphia (USA), working with pregnant teens. After making Aliyah, getting married and acquiring her Masters in Public Health while having three children, she continued her career working in health promotion and education, focusing on hard to access populations. Eventually, Aviva also began her first business, VivaResearch, which conducted community based applied research for academic organizations.

Recognizing the need for improved education about healthcare rights, Aviva also started what became Health Advize in 2015, and became the first board certified healthcare advocate outside of North America in 2018.  Right before the pandemic hit, Aviva closed her research coordination business to focus all her mental energies on developing health navigation services for English speakers living/visiting Israel. 

Aviva is the mother of 5 children, grandmother of one and one on the way, and is the primary caregiver of her mother, who has dementia and lives with Aviva and her family.   She has a broad understanding of the health sciences, biostatistics, and the medical system, and finds filling out forms to be a soothing endeavor.  She is originally from New Jersey, USA and now lives outside of Jerusalem, Israel. 

profile of Noa

Noa Livne – Office Manager

Noa joined Health Advize in January 2022. She is a task driven professional with substantial experience in high-end design, with 13 years of experience developing sales potential in new markets. Noa has an entrepreneurial nature,  is self-motivated and highly energetic. Both a German and French native, Noa is multi-lingual, living now in the city that never sleeps.

Medical Advisory Board

At HealthAdvize.com we want to ensure that you have access to the best information so that you can make informed health decisions. For that reason, we have a group of excellent health practitioners who act as our consultants.