Our Staff

Aviva Yoselis, MPH, BCPA is the CEO and lead consultant of Health Advize, founded the company after seeing so many new (and established) immigrants fall through the cracks, and not receive the health benefits to which they were entitled.
She has over 25 years experience in health advocacy and health systems navigation.

Aviva has a broad understanding of the biological sciences, bio-statistics, epidemiology, clinical trials and current issues in healthcare.

Aviva began her career in the U,S. in health education and advocacy for low-income minority communities. She has a Master’s Degree from the Braun School of Public Health at Hadassah-Hebrew University and is also certified in sexual health facilitation and lactation counseling. She has worked with many non profit organizations in the health field and previously ran a company that coordinated community based research for those in academia.

Aviva leads the team of trained consultants to serve each client with the same attention, dedication and knowledge.

Noa Livne – Office Manager


Medical Advisory Board

At HealthAdvize.com we want to ensure that you have access to the best information so that you can make informed health decisions. For that reason, we have a group of excellent health practitioners who act as our consultants.