Moving to Israel with a Special Needs Child

 girl with down syndrome

Twenty five years ago, Sarah and David* received a phone call in the early morning hours. “Can you come to the hospital? Now?! “ The social worker sounded insistent, and Sarah and David, sleepy and confused, arrived at the hospital to find a tiny, squalling, day old, obviously sickly, infant, in the hands of the nurse. “You’ve been such good foster parents to the other children. Could you take this little one, also, just for a bit? His mother abandoned him at birth, and the family won’t take him in.” Thus little Moshe*, who only received his name at one month, joined Sarah and David’s six natural and four adopted children.
Fast forward 25 years, to today, Moshe now a severely mentally and physically disabled adult, stepped off the El Al flight with his adopted mother, able to make Aliyah with the rest of his family, thanks to his mother’s love, our hard work at Health Advize, and the Ministry of Welfare’s unprecedented action to let Moshe make Aliyah directly to a full care facility.
I am truly honored to be a part of this amazing success.

*names have been changed to protect privacy

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