In An Emergency

Billing for Emergency Room Visits

The following is a list of the only cases where you won’t have to pay full price for an Emergency Room visit (unless you have a referral beforehand):

  • Any victim of a traffic accident who produces police documentation that they were in an accident.
  • A student injured at school, or on a school trip and has an appropriate documentation.
  • Any person ordered by the district psychiatrist or has a court order, to be admitted for a mental health diagnosis.
  • Those who are taken to a hospital by ambulance, from any public place due to a sudden event.
  • A patient receiving dialysis
  • Victims of domestic violence or sexual assault, if verified by clinical assessment
  • A new fracture
  • acute dislocation of shoulder or elbow
  • an injury requiring stitches
  • inhalation of a foreign body
  • penetration of a foreign body into the eye
  • one receiving treatment for cancer
  • one receiving treatment for hemophilia
  • one receiving treatment of cystic fibrosis (CF);
  • A woman in labor
  • Being bitten by a snake
  • Being stung by a scorpion
  • Experiencing a life-threatening allergic reaction
  • head injury in a child under two years of age
  • head injury in an adult over 70
  • Experienced an epileptic seizure in a known epileptic patient
  • Experienced jaw dislocation
  • Received 3rd degree burn.

Additionally, If you visit the Emergency Room between the  hours  of 1 am – 6 am, above cases not withstanding, you will only need to pay the smaller ER visit fee, which as of September, 2023, is 261 ILS.