Ask Aviva #7: How do I get a Routine Blood Test?

Dear Aviva,

I’m a healthy middle aged man. I feel fine but my wife keeps telling me I should just have my blood checked for triglycerides levels, cholesterol, etc.. Do I just go down to my branch office and ask for a blood test?


Normal in Netanya


Dear Normal,

Your wife has the right idea.  You should get a routine blood test once a year even if you’re feeling fine. Make an appointment with your regular family doctor, and during the visit ask for a referral for a blood test that will include a CBC (a regular blood count) and glucose levels.  If you have experienced any fatigue or vague systems, now is the time to also request liver functions, perhaps a test to check for EBV/CMV (for viruses like mono or Epstein Barr), and thyroid function.

Remember to ask the branch secretary for the hours and days when they conduct blood tests at your local branch (always during morning hours), and if you need to be fasting or not.

Yours in Health,


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