Ask Aviva #6: Does My Kupah Cover Me Outside of Israel?

Dear Aviva,

I am currently vacationing in Bali, and cut my foot on a piece of coral.  Will my Clalit Insurance cover me here?


Clumsy Scuba Diver


Dear Clumsy,

It is essential to note that your kupat cholim health insurance only covers you in Israel!  If you go on vacation or return to your country of origin to visit family, you must purchase additional traveler’s insurance, either through your kupah, or another private company like Harel or Phoenix.  Do not get stuck on an island without insurance or you could be paying thousands of dollars in hospital bills.



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2 thoughts on “Ask Aviva #6: Does My Kupah Cover Me Outside of Israel?”

  1. Dear Aviva,

    I understand the Kupat Cholim will not cover outside of Israel. I wonder if G-d forbid a person has a condition or illness that needs an special treatment outside of Israel, what resources that person has?
    They exist those international Health Insurance like BUPA or AMEDEX, etc. What is your recommendation about this topic?

    Thanks a lot

    1. Happy to answer! If you are living in Israel and need treatment outside of Israel and that is the only place to get treatment, the kupah can and does cover you. However, if you are travelling outside of Israel and happen to get injured, or travel specifically to get treatment (that is available in Israel) without requesting assistance from the kupah beforehand, you won’t be covered. That’s why it’s so important to purchase travel insurance before you leave Israel.

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