Ask Aviva #5: How can I change my name on my magnetic card?

Dear Aviva,

How do I change my name on my Kupah card? They have my middle name down as my first name and every time I make an appointment it bothers me. Tell me, there is a way to do it online?




Dear Nickname,

No, you need to go in person and tell them the name is wrong on your card. Technically, they go according to your T.Z. so if it says the other name on your t.z., they won’t change it until you get the t.z. with the new card.  Sometimes, though, you can just go in and change it.

This however, is no guarantee that it will happen across all systems and doctors. Often, you change it in one place, but the old name will just keep popping up in other places.  Mystery of the computer system.  You may have to change it in several places when the old name comes up.

Yours in Health,


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