Ask Aviva #26: Does Maccabi cover podiatry?

Do you know if Maccabi covers podiatry?
– Robin
Dear Robin,

Podiatry can be problematic in Israel. Due to the fact that there are no formal training programs (in medical school) in Israel, there are no formal podiatrists. The Ministry of Health thus decided, no new podiatrists in the kupah because we don’t have anyone to certify them, but those who are here can stay. The orthopedist can take care of all those pesky issues like ingrown toenails and diabetes foot. Needless to say, that did not work well; in March of this year (2018), the Ministry of Health approved who can practice podiatry in Israel (those who possess are a doctorate in podiatry or have a specific certification) can practice. To date, Maccabi has 7 podiatrists listed (nationally), Meuhedet lists 22, and Clalit lists 2.

**Note, when you look, you must choose the metapel (therapist) category, and not doctor, otherwise, nothing will come up.

Yours in health,


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