Ask Aviva #25: Can international patients buy care at Israeli hospitals?

Dear Aviva,

My aunt came to Israel and needs a procedure done, but it’s not covered under her travel insurance. Can she have it done in a hospital in Israel, and, if so, what is the process?


Tune up in Tekoa


Dear Tune up,

Israel is definitely becoming a destination for medical tourism, as is demonstrated by private hospitals like Hadassah, Sheba (Tel Hashomer) and Hertzalia Medical Center doing a brisk business. Most hospitals today have an office that you can contact to find out about costs and availability of certain surgeries.

However, seeing a family doctor or getting a prescription filled can sometimes be very problematic, as most of the clinic systems are kupah based. In that situation, your aunt could go to a Terem clinic or look up private doctors, like on the “doctorim” site.

Yours in health,


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