Ask Aviva #23: Why is the allergist referring me to a pulmonologist?

Dear Aviva,

I’m allergic to mold and pollen and dogs. I get asthma and sometimes it’s hard to breathe so my allergist back in the U.S. just prescribed me an inhaler. But when I went to the allergist here, she told me I needed to go to a “rofe rayot”. What’s that and why do I have to go to one?


Breathless in Baka


Dear Breathless,

I hope your allergies will be better here overall. You are correct, however, that when there is a symptom that is connected to breathing, doctors like to refer you to a pulmonologist, or lung doctor, rofe rayot, first, to make sure that you don’t have something else going on with your breathing. They’ll usually give you that ‘breathe in a tube’ lung capacity test, and send you on your way with a prescription for an inhaler if need be. Both your allergist and family doctor can renew the prescription, however, after that initial visit.

Yours in Health,


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