Ask Aviva #22: Why isn’t my therapy subsidized through my kupah?

Dear Aviva,

I’ve read what you published about getting subsidized therapy through the kupah, but my therapist doesn’t seem to be doing that. Can you tell me why?


Confused in Keshet


Dear Confused,

So glad you’ve been reading my posts in honor of mental health month. As of 2017, you are correct, the kupot are in charge of mental health services and there are several ways to access these services. One is to get a referral (and sometimes a hitchayvut) to a mental health clinic in your area where you will see whoever is assigned to your case. Another option is taking a look at the list of contracted therapists in your area (who list English as one of the languages they speak) and call them to see who has an appointment. Your initial appointment will be 57 NIS and each subsequent session, 136 NIS (as of April 2017). If you found your therapist on your own, chances are they are private and don’t work with the subsidized plan of the kupah. You can, however, still approach the kupah, find a therapist and perhaps do both, or alternate, or use the subsidized therapy services in the near future.

Yours in Health,


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