Ask Aviva #21: If my dentist can’t deal with my wisdom tooth, who can?

Dear Aviva,

My husband has a dental problem. The dentist does not want to deal with it because it requires a serious operation of the wisdom tooth. In the meantime; it is continually painful with a recurring infection that has a bad odor.

How can we locate a professional and capable dentist who can help?


Achy in Ashkelon


Dear Achy,

I’m so sorry that your husband is suffering. Dental pain can be so debilitating. The first question to ask is, did the regular dentist send you to an endodontist or an oral surgeon? An endodontist, or “endodent” in Israel, is a specialist with expertise in root canals, complicated extractions, and procedures involving the soft inner tissue of the teeth, called the pulp. An oral surgeon performs wisdom teeth extractions and other surgeries of the teeth and mouth.

Both are covered under your supplementary insurance plan through the kupah, although rates vary from kupah to kupah. This is a field where people often choose to seek private treatment because the facilities that are available, as well as the speed with which you can get an appointment, are quite different between private and public services. I recommend that first, however, your husband consult with the kupah “endodent” to get a prescription for antibiotics and treat the infection. He can then get a consult/price estimate from both a private and public provider and make a decision then as to who he feels more comfortable with. Obviously, financial constraints may figure into your decision.

Yours in health,


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