Ask Aviva #20: How do I ask my doctor a follow-up question after the appointment?

Dear Aviva,

I have a follow-up question for my family doctor after our appointment last week. Can I call, or write him somehow?  Is this a thing in Israel or you need to make another appointment and go in person?


On Hold in Haifa


Dear on Hold,

Aah, the quandary of the follow-up. In our new digital age (sort of), Maccabi and Meuhedet now offer direct communication with your family physician, which means that if you need a prescription, referral, or have a quick follow up question, you can send it to them through the website, and they’ll respond within a few days (no immediate conversations here). However, this is not for specialists, which currently have no digital way of communication. However, many specialists will return phone calls, so if the doctor told you to get some information or additional paperwork, or you need to clarify something regarding a referral or test, you can call the office where the doctor sees patients, and leave a message for that doctor. More frequently, the doctor is returning those calls during his work day. Again, not all specialists do this, but enough do to warrant a telephone call to the office during the specialist’s works hours there.

Yours in Health,


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