Ask Aviva #2: How many physiotherapy appointments can I get?

Dear Aviva,

I am currently in physiotherapy after breaking my ankle and I was told by the physiotherapist that there is a limit of 12 sessions, and then you have to wait 3 months and then you can start again another 12 sessions and continue this cycle. Is that true?!


Dubious Broken Ankle


Dear Dubious,

I can certainly understand your confusion, as physiotherapy benefits depend on your type of injury  and if you have supplemental insurance; plus, the laws have just changed. 🙂 . So…

If you have sustained a serious injury; through the basic basket of services (sal bruit) you are eligible for unlimited community-based physiotherapy for a single payment of 33 NIS per quarter.

Chronic illness (muscular problems/pain etc..) is guaranteed up to 12 sessions per year.

In the supplemental insurance department:

clalit platinum/zahav offers up to 24 appointments per year at 50 NIS per extra appointment. (over the 12 guaranteed ones).

Maccabi Kesef offers additional sessions at 47 NIS, (for institutions contracted by Maccabi) and Maccabi Zahav/Sheli, 26 NIS per extra appointment.

Meuhedet Adif/C do not offer additional subsidized appointments beyond that guaranteed by the government.

The question is then, do you need acute or chronic rehabilitative physiotherapy?

Yours in Health,


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