Ask Aviva #15: What do I do if my doctor won’t send me for a second opinion?

Dear Aviva,

I have been experiencing pelvic and abdominal pain radiating to my low back, bloating, bowel irregularities, sudden bleeding, nausea and weight loss. My family doctor referred me to a gynecologist who said I am fine. The gynecologist was very dismissive when I asked if it could be cancer. I asked my family doctor to send me to another specialist for a second opinion. He said that I could go privately but that I didn’t have to worry if the gynecologist said nothing was wrong.

I still don’t feel well and my symptoms are getting worse. But I can’t get someone to listen or do anything further. How do I get another opinion?


Pelvic Pain in Paduel


Dear Pelvic Pain,

It is extremely distressing when we feel that we are not be listened to. In addition, unexplained bleeding, bloating and pelvic pain are associated with ovarian cancer, which, while extremely rare, always seems to be on a radar. More likely your symptoms are caused by endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease or even IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), but you are right, you need to explore further and get answers.

You can schedule another appointment with a kupah gynecologist in the same calendar quarter (January 1-March 31/April 1- June 30, etc..) with permission from the kupah, (call up the main number) or wait till the quarter ends and see another gynecologist. You can also see a doctor privately and be reimbursed by the kupah. Make sure you bring all your imaging tests (CT/Ultrasound) results when you go.

Yours in health,


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