Ask Aviva #12: How Do I Get Specially Made Orthotics?

Dear Aviva,

My feet are just killing me. In the U.S.,  I used to go to my podiatrist and get specially made orthotics. I’ve just moved to Israel, and have no idea how I can get new ones.  Who should I go to? Orthopedist? Podiatrist? Any ideas?


Happy Feet in Hertzelia


Dear Happy,

Most important is to know that in Hebrew, orthotics, or shoe inserts, are called midrasim (מדרסים).  They are not in the basic basket of services; they are part of the supplemental kupot plans.  As of today,

Clalit mushlam will reimburse you 175 NIS for orthotics that were prescribed by an orthopedist and purchased in one of the affiliated stores. [This is the explanation on their site.]

Maccabi Zahav – Cost is 103 NIS for one pair per calendar year referred by a rehab health professional (podiatrist, orthopedist, etc…) ,also purchased in an affiliated store. [click here for maccabi site.]

Meuhedet  C– With a referral from an orthopedist, 50% subsidy, up to 528 NIS, when purchased in affiliated stores.

Leumit Zahav – Various types of orthotics, once a year for those members over age 50.   With a subsidy from ~100-~300 NIS with a doctor’s referral.

Yours in health,


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