Ask Aviva #1: How do I change my family doctor?

Dear Aviva,

I took your advice and I’m ‘shopping’ around for another family doctor that will suit my needs better. How do I do that? Do I have to fill out some form?


Shopping Sharon


Dear Shopper,

Glad to hear you were empowered to make the change.  You are eligible to change your family physician every three months on the calendar year (Jan-March, Change April 1…,etc..) just by making an appointment with the new doctor.

If you want to change before the three month period is up, you have several options. If the doctor is in the same clinic as the other doctors, you don’t even need an exemption, you can just go ahead and make an appointment with a new doctor. If s/he is in another practice, you can either make a call/ tell branch manager, or sometimes the medical secretary, that you need to change.

Yours in Health,


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