5 things to remember when you are told NO at the Bituach Leumi Office

  1. If they say “NOT THIS FORM”: Ask for the specific number of the form that you DO need. All forms are numbered and can be easily searched for on the bituach leumi website.
  2. If they say “YOU CANNOT COME IN NOW”: You can make a visit through myvisit.com and right now in Corona days, you can even schedule a telephone visit.
  3. If they say “NOT TODAY”: Like many government offices, BTL only has reception hours on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and the beginning of the month is always busier. But so much of what you need to access is online, www.btl.gov.il, and you can sign up for your username and password using the ‘personal service’ button. They also have machines outside of every btl office where you can access copies of personal letters and/or permission forms.
  4. If they say “YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE”: Always review the information that btl has on your file, because it could be inaccurate or not up to date. You can always appeal their decision within 60 days, and if you want to appeal an appeal, you can do so in court, with a free, government appointed legal aide.
  5. If they say “YOU HAVE NOT BEEN HERE LONG ENOUGH”: New olim, within one year of making aliyah, are not eligible for bituach leumi stipend benefits (not to be confused with Ministry of Health or Ministry of Welfare benefits for those with mental or physicial disabilities, which kick in immediately upon aliyah). If the situation is critical, one can apply for sherutim meyuchadim (special services) after 90 days. For general stipends, you may start the application process two months prior to your one year aliyah anniversary.

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