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Health Advize helps English Speakers navigate the Israeli health care system, maximize medical benefits, and find the doctors and services that are right for them.

Do it right the first time and have a professionally trained medical advocate help you.

My story:
Picture it. You’re standing at the nurse’s counter. You’re holding a squirming 8 month old baby. The four year old is pulling on your skirt and your two year old is a whirling dervish running around the clinic, earning glaring looks from the other calm members of the waiting room.

The secretary is lecturing you, in an annoyed tone and fast Hebrew, about how you dont have the appointment. That your child, who you’ve literally dragged into this clinic, cannot do the test that the doctor prescribed, because, you guessed it, you don’t have the right paper.

You are sweating, almost in tears, and questioning why you moved to this foreign country where you don’t really speak the language.

That was me. Twenty years ago. Confused. Frustrated. Just wanting guidance on where to go for treatment of all my kids’ various ailments, what to ask, and most importantly, what papers I needed.

Fast forward to today. After completing a Masters in Public Health, starting my own niche medical research coordination company, raising five children (with my wonderful spouse), becoming a board certified patient advocate, and two decades of experience in the medical world, I’ve established my own company to help others navigate the healthcare system in Israel.

With a fantastic medical advisory board, my trained healthcare advocates can help you:
Understand your healthcare rights and how to access them:

  • Apply (or appeal) to bituach leumi (national insurance) benefits in disability, child disability, nursing care
  • Apply for a foreign caregiver license for your loved one
  • Arrange the medical side of aliyah for an older parent or a child/adult making aliyah with physical/cognitive disability
  • Assist adults with mental health issues to receive the services they deserve upon making aliyah.
  • And more!

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out our client testimonials!

In 2021 alone, Health Advize served over 100 clients, earned some of those clients over 300,000 ILS in bituach leumi payments, contacted over 300 medical professionals, clinics and centers on our clients behalf.. And that’s just the beginning.


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